what I do

settembre 19th, 2004 by khr

spilla, acciaio, oro, madreperla
I think out, design and personally manufacture modern jewels in precious material and iron, steel, ceramics.

Every piece is handicrafted and is single, unique. See some examples

My works are usually considered jewelry. Often even sculptures. The two definitions are complementary. These are in fact small sculptures that can be worn as ornaments, which is to say pieces of jewelry that can be considered sculptures. Of course the decorative nature is no accident. I am very concerned with molding each individual piece so that it can be worn in the simplest and most comfortable way possible.

I willingly use materials that are not noble, in the sense that gold is noble. In these cases, I am interested in the colors and properties that turn a material into a means of expression. Ebony and marble form a counterpoint, like a warmth, a vital tension, in the face of the frigidity of a rigid reluctance. Here, gold can reach across abysses, connect, or rather define, highlight contrasts, or even meld everything into an organic whole.

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